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Combining genuine expertise in the iGaming niche, global coverage, state-of-the-art ad tech, and our passion for digital advertising, we provide five-star support, top-level performance, and recurring revenue streams for our partners.

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Generate revenue from top-quality traffic sources and reap all the benefits:


Adwise.Partners enables you to monetize traffic with offers from top-tier brands.



What is Adwise.partners?
Adwise.Partners is a platform that connects and benefits advertisers and publishers in iGaming, using global coverage, wide range of traffic sources, advanced ad tech, and huge expertise in performance marketing.
Why should I join Adwise.partners?
For affiliates, it’s an opportunity to monetize web traffic through exclusive offers from major brands. Advertisers can use our network to promote their products and grow their audience.


How can I see the list of offers?
Just register as Affiliate in Adwise.Partners and your personal manager will assist you with the platform. Once signed in, you will see active offers, though certain offers might be in private access.
How can I track my stats?
All the stats are available in your account. You can integrate with Postback or API and check details with sub-IDs.
What payment methods are available?
You can choose from wire transfers, Webmoney, and Neteller.
When will I receive my earnings?
Payouts are made once or twice a month, depending on the offer.
What payout models can I work with?
We mostly use the CPA model. We can also discuss CPL and Hybrid models.
Can I run a few offers at the same time?
Yes, you can choose one or several offers and try them out.


What traffic sources are available on Adwise.Partners?
We work with all major sources such as media, social media, PPC, context, influencers, etc.
How can I add an offer to your network?
As soon as we discuss the conditions, your personal account manager will integrate your product and help you to get started.
How does Adwise.Partners prevent fraudulent conversions?
Our tracking platform Affise provides anti-fraud tools that help you to analyze traffic.
When should we check the stats?
We usually close the previous month within the first five days of the following one and check which leads are approved or declined and which ones get the On Hold status.